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Specification:Product Name: 40KG Arm Rod Spring ExerciserWeight: 1540gMaterial: plastic- stainless steel springColor: blackHow To Use:1.Standing feet apart- around the elbow bent- hands bent spring.2.Arms straight up- bending the spring- and then gradually relax- repeat several times.3.Arms forward bending of the spring- and then gradually relax.4.Body bent down- his arms bent spring.5.Arms behind clenched spring- then down straight gradually bending the spring-Features:Dual-spring design is not easy deformation- prevent sliding injuries design.Insist to take exercise- strong and handsome effect will be remarkable.Note:Please use it away from the crowd 2 metres.After a long time use the biceps device-if you find crack on the device -please stop use it for your safe.Package Included:1 x 40KG Arm Rod Spring Exerciser
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